London Investor Show Café

The London Investor Show Café is open all day, ready to welcome you with a cup of tea, coffee or a drink and a snack, sandwich or hot lunch. A great place to take a short break, chat with your fellow delegates and meet other investors and traders. The menu for the London Investor Show Café is as follows:



Hot soup and crusty roll – £5.50
Pasta - Macaroni cheese - £6.50 per portion
Vegan chilli with rice - £6.50 per portion
Chicken katsu with rice. – £6.50 per portion
Baked potato with choice of fillings (inc vegan option) £4.50
Choice of around 4 sandwiches & wraps (inc. vegan option) £5.50
Cornish beef and Ale pasty and Cheese onion slice with Potato wedges £6.50
Potato wedges - £3.50



Chocolate bar £1.60
Granola bar £1.60
Crisps £1.70

*if your company is interested in sponsoring a café at the London Investor Show, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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