Neil Blankstone

Director, Blankstone Hamilton Group

Investment Management & Stockbroking is in my DNA…it may be work but, thankfully, it’s also been fun along the way. That’s not to say it hasn’t had its challenges.

Retail Investors are my passion. Since starting in June 1987, my baptism was "Black Monday"…that stood me in good stead…I worked at Blankstone Sington Limited (BSL) Investment Managers & Stockbrokers for 36 years, undertaking Discretionary & Advisory Investment Management, Dealing with Advice and Execution Only Services, to Private Clients, Trusts, Pension Funds and Charities, joining the Board in 1999. From 2014 I concentrated on Business Development & Marketing activities, and wider strategic planning, helping with the transition of BSL from the original founder owner/managers to a new team. In 2020, I returned to Investment Management and Advice, principally leading the Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service Team that invested in AIM stocks "listed" on the London Stock Exchange's Junior Market.

I have always worked on the basis of having a "can-do" attitude - and if I can't, then I will know someone who can. Blankstone Hamilton Group was, therefore, set up to undertake Consultancy, Collaboration, and Introductions.